London Brick Candles
London Brick Candles
London Brick Candles

London Brick Candles

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Brick Sixty scented candles are inspired by the history of bricks embedded in the fabric of our city. Just like their soap range, each product tells a unique story... 

Thames Drift - fresh sea salt scented candle

The Thames sailing barges, that drifted upriver on the incoming tide, were laden with bricks to build Victorian London. The outward tide returned the barges with waste and fire ash which was then used for the brick making process. This sea-salt scented candle captures the essence of the tidal River Thames, the river that brought prosperity to the city.

Fired Clay - scented candle with a warm spice

It is local geology that helped create the red bricks of Hampstead Heath. Here lay clay, rich in iron and the perfect blend of silt and sand for brick-making. This warm-scented candle echoes the red London bricks fired from iron-rich earth.

Smoked Coal - scented candle with smoky notes

Coal was brought to King's Cross by train and dropped into horse-drawn carts. It was distributed across London to fire industry and warm the homes. Our smoked coal candle reflects this industrial past which can be seen on the historic brick.

Dimensions: 110mm x 50mm x 70mm

Weight: 350g

Burn time: 40 hours