Ethiopian Promise Ring Necklace
Ethiopian Promise Ring Necklace

Ethiopian Promise Ring Necklace

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This necklace is our signature piece. Hand cast traditionally in sand and wax by a Maasai in the Ngong Hills of Kenya. This skillfully crafted necklace is as beautiful as it is unique, and makes a wonderful gift. Made from recycled brass and cast from a 200 year old Ethiopian Promise Ring. These rings are traditionally worn by women around the neck as a symbol of good luck and protection. Hand hammered and polished for a faceted finish

Recycled brass

Approx 91cm in length

Hypoallergenic and guaranteed nickel free

How to care of me: We advise you not to wear during bathing, sleeping or swimming and do not spray with fragrance.

Keep me shiny, use Brass polish or lemon juice with a dry cloth. Alternatively leave me to become gently more antiqued looking and polish me any time you want me to return to golden.